Marine Survey, Positioning and Data Logging Software

Survey / Positioning

Fully featured marine survey and positioning suite.

  • Barge/tug management and anchor handling.
  • General offshore engineering work.
  • Power and telecomms cable installation.
  • Post lay burial and inspection.
  • Route clearance (PLGR) operations.
  • Rig positioning.
  • Precise Proj.4™ geodetics.

Cloudbase™ Data Logger

Data logging for vessels, marine vehicles / mobiles, remote sensors, performance data and more.

  • Log virtually anything - GPS, AIS, RS232/RS485, TCP, UDP, OPC-DA, MODBUS, ECDIS and more.
  • Autonomous, unattended data collection.
  • Highly flexible configuration.
  • Scriptable.
  • Bandwidth efficient data uploads.
  • Cloudbase™ front end with fine grained permissions.

Remote Web Monitoring

Monitor your vessels during operations - in near real-time.

  • Precise positioning.
  • Low latency vessel data transfer.
  • Customizable interface.
  • Low bandwidth requirements for vessels.
  • Chart backgrounds.


Blue Spider Sentinel is a solution for monitoring offshore vessels working within a windfarm close to critical assets or transiting over subsea infrastructure.

For your next project we think you will find our prices to be highly competitive.

Blue Spider can be trialled alongside your existing installation. Try a fully featured and unrestricted demo on your next job! Click here to download notes for evaluators

See what our customers are saying:

Briggs Marine


Briggs Marine have been using Blue spider software for over a year, where it has been successfully employed on over 10 cable repairs and installations.

The software has proven itself in complex operations, when working in close proximity to seabed structures, with project support vessels in attendance.

Its intuitive operation enables our vessel operators to utilise the system with little instruction.

Craig English
Operations Director, Briggs Marine



Bluespider has run on our ship Fu An for about 2 months, Fu An has done 4 cable repairs in YZ using the Bluespider.

Compare to Makai and QINSy, Bluespider is easy to handle and had some function that the other software don't have for the cable repair, such as setting a target.

We are planning to install it for the other two ships: Fu Hai and Bold Maverick soon.

Alex Zhouyeqi
Cable Engineering Manager, S.B.Submarine Systems

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