Blue Spider Cloudbase™ Data Logger

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The Cloudbase™ web front end provides a secure means of controlling and configuring data collection on each of your ships.

Product Description

Blue SpiderCloudbase™ Logger is a comprehesive and integrated data logging solution that allows data to be collected from a variety of external sources. The data is not only collected but is also uploaded and made immediately available to authorised users anywhere in the world. The Blue Spider Cloudbase Data Logger is a uniquely powerful and versatile data collection system which, due to it's flexible and extensible configuration, can be interfaced to almost anything. It is ideal for use on any vessel and perfect for collection of voyage, performance, engine, gearbox, cargo and condition monitoring data; designed for completely unattended operation so that configuration changes, diagnostics and software updates can be securely performed by remote control without the need of support from crew or engineer visits.

Collected data is automatically sent to a web based management system using exceptionally high compression and minimal bandwidth usage. Received data is automatically archived in an efficient database system designed for management of big data. Both live and historical data can be securely viewed online and the data can be quickly mined using a customisable report framework. Data acquisition with centralised access is invaluable for speedy decision making, preventative maintenance and analysis of cost reduction strategies, making this system the perfect solution to compliance with your current and future policy objectives.

Our simple pricing plan means that use of the system is inexpensive and easily budgeted. The annual license covers use of the data logger, the web front end, automated data transfers, bulk storage and report generation - all for a single flat rate.

On the vessel, the data can be gathered from many different sources: navigational, AIS, ECDIS, cargo monitoring systems, engine and turbine monitoring systems, water pumps, gearbox, generators, anemometers and other instruments. All incoming network or serial messages can be used as data sources, industry standard OPC DA support is built-in to simplify interfacing cargo, and other complex subsystems, along with drivers or simple scripts, which can be written to interface to anything else. Data is easily exchangable with other onboard systems, and this facilitates unification of otherwise disparate 3rd party products - including vessel performance optimization software.

The web management system may be configured to automatically forward collected data to your own servers, using a variety of means such as FTP, SFTP, email or database replication. Alerts can be configured and notifications sent via email or instant messaging. Users of the Cloudbase system can be assigned fine-grained permissions in order to restrict access to specific vessels, system configuration or even to particular categories of data.

The Data Logger is designed to run continuously and unattended, requiring no operator intervention or logged on user, and will restart automatically after a complete power failure. The Cloud Gateway software which is included in the package underpins the transfer of collected data back to the web management system and runs on the ship as a service process along side the data logger which is also a service process. The Gateway provides the primary means for accessing the data logger remotely and facilitates remote configuration diagnostics and maintenance. The Gateway, in another role, also runs on the web server and here it deals with processing of incoming data and automated transfer to other systems. In the event of power failure the system will automatically resume data collection as soon as power is restored. In the unlikely event that the data logger software should ever crash then it will automatically restart and report diagnostic information which helps us to quickly investigate and fix any issues discovered by this means.

Blue Spider Logger is a powerful and incredibly versatile data collection engine designed for unattended use on ships. Completed log files can be returned automatically to the office for subsequent analysis and processing. Data can come from NMEA or other serial messages from COM ports or TCP/UDP inputs or collected directly from OPC servers on the ship. The logger configuration can be changed remotely so there is no need for support personel on the ship. A network connection is required on the ship in order to allow for remote configuration and transfer back to the office but this connection does not need to be reliable or always usable. When the satellite link isnt working data will wait to be sent when the link is working again. Log files can be set up each with different criteria for logging such as at a regular rate or when data arrives on a particular input. Data can be processed by your own custom scripts if needed. Completed log files are usually configured to be uploaded and transferred back to the office. Once the data arrives back in the office or web server the CSV data can be transformed into almost any other file format using a flexible file converter application which can easily be customized to your specific needs. This file format conversion process can be fully automated.