Autonomous collection and recording of site AIS traffic

For protection and risk analysis relating to offshore assets

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Based on the Data Logger, Sentinal can collect more than just AIS data if needed.

Flexible Configuration

Log virtually anything - GPS, AIS, Serial, TCP, UDP, OPC-DA, MODBUS, ECDIS and more.


Keeping watch over Offshore Assets, Sentinel is a simple and effective solution for monitoring offshore vessels working within a windfarm close to critical assets or transiting over subsea infrastructure. All data is stored in the cloud and authorised users can monitor activities and administer the data through a web site hosted on a secure shore based server. The system is primarily used to monitor vessels that may encroach or approach an un-manned offshore sub-station or other asset. The software can display or transmit alerts to the asset Owner or the O&M providers and store records of all vessels entering set exclusion zone(s). Monitoring all traffic around the assets provides site specific data which can provide some useful benefits when assessing cable integrity, for example export or array cable threats and risks from anchors or fishing activity. Should an export or array cable fail then an early check could be to determine if there was any external aggression that may have contributed to the failure. The historic tracks of vessels operating or moving within the windfarm can easily be replayed and analysed as part of the fault investigation process.

The historical data opens up the potential to realistically classify areas based on their likely risk exposure to potential damage. This can aid more appropriate mitigation steps being taken and even provide evidence when negotiating better insurance deals. Adding anemometer and/or wave height data inputs is straightforward and gives the abilty to also view this online. Doing this can help you better ascertain site conditions prior to and during a planned site visit.

Unattended Data Collection

Blue Spider Sentinel will run unattended and may be upgraded and reconfigured remotely, avoiding the need for intervention or arranging site visits.

Both live and historical data can be viewed remotely online as it becomes available.

Automated alerts via email or SMS can be configured to be sent when vessels approach or enter protected zones.


Even with unreliable internet connections collected data will still reach the server.

The data collecion system can also be configured for master-slave failover and will automatically restart in the unlikely event of a crash.

Online Monitoring

Via the sentinel web monitoring interface you can view and access your data.

The historical data can be used to aid risk analysis and contribute to effective protection measures being taken.

Powerful Scripting

When you have something a little out of the ordinary that needs logging, it is possible to write some Javascript to connect to it - without needing to wait for custom drivers to become available.

Contact us if you have something in mind - we will be more than happy to discuss how to support your specific requirements.

The Blue Spider Survey Positioning suite is also available for survey, positioning, rig moves and much more.

Blue Spider Survey Positioning

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