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Precise, Straightforward, Reliable Survey System

Complete software package for Positioning, Survey, Cable Installation, Barge Management, Anchor Handling, Rig Positioning and More

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Blue Spider Survey Positioning can even run alongside your existing installation

Flexible Configuration

Connect to virtually anything - GPS, AIS, Serial, TCP, UDP, OPC-DA, MODBUS, ECDIS and more.

Rich Feature Set

Complete software package for Positioning, Survey, Cable Installation, Barge Management, Anchor Handling, Rig Positioning and More.

Precise positioning with Proj.4™ coordinate system transformations.

Display Bathymetric DTMs and Admiralty/ECDIS charts in any projection.


The distributed design of the system allows installation on multiple PCs to avoid single point of failure.

Blue Spider Engine can be configured for master-slave failover and will automatically restart in the unlikely event of a crash.

Online Monitoring

Using the Cloudbase Web interface, you can monitor the current status of your fleet.

With the optional Web Monitoring Subscription it is also possible to view positioning information and charts from the comfort of your office.

Powerful Scripting

When you have something a little out of the ordinary that you need to connect to, it is possible to write some Javascript to connect to it - without needing to wait for custom drivers to become available.

Contact us if you have something in mind - we will be more than happy to discuss how to support your specific requirements.

See what our customers are saying:

Briggs Marine


Briggs Marine have been using Blue spider software for over a year, where it has been successfully employed on over 10 cable repairs and installations.

The software has proven itself in complex operations, when working in close proximity to seabed structures, with project support vessels in attendance.

Its intuitive operation enables our vessel operators to utilise the system with little instruction.

Craig English
Operations Director, Briggs Marine



Bluespider has run on our ship Fu An for about 2 months, Fu An has done 4 cable repairs in YZ using the Bluespider.

Compare to Makai and QINSy, Bluespider is easy to handle and had some function that the other software don't have for the cable repair, such as setting a target.

We are planning to install it for the other two ships: Fu Hai and Bold Maverick soon.

Alex Zhouyeqi
Cable Engineering Manager, S.B.Submarine Systems

The Blue Spider Cloudbase Datalogger suite is also available for autonomous data collection, based upon Blue Spider Engine technology.

Cloudbase Datalogger

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