Blue Spider Survey Positioning

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Product Description

Blue Spider™ Survey Positioning is a fully featured marine survey navigation software package designed for use in the following application areas:

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Blue Spider™ Survey Positioning is designed to be reliable and very easy to use and yet offers great flexibility. Comparable systems can be overly complicated and hence tend to be used only by highly skilled operators. The user interface is simple and intuitive and as a result its very easy to learn even without formal training. Blue Spider is a complete system in one package and offers features for barge management and anchor handling as well as general marine surveying and cable installation work. Unlimited chart backgrounds can be loaded and these are then displayed on all workstations.

Standard survey equipment is supported straight out of the box and Blue Spider can work with multiple GPS, Gyro, Echo Sounders, Motion Sensors, HPR etc. Its also very easy to interface to other instrumentation and this can be done without costly software modifications being required. Some other systems require purchase of add-in code in order to allow interfacing to new equipment. Configuring customised inputs and outputs is generally very straightforward.

Multiple vessels, subsea vehicles and other objects can be precisely positioned. Unlike most other systems, Blue Spider performs all internal calculations in geodetic Latitude and Longitude. One danger of a system that calculates only in Easting and Northing (grid) is that operator error in setting up the coordinate system could render all recorded data useless and result in costly additional work. Working in geodetic coordinates means that curvature of the earth is fully taken into account so long cable runs have the correct length. Of course data can also be input/output, recorded and displayed in grid coordinates as well.

Blue Spider is a full client-server package and the server (BSPEngine) can be installed on 2 separate machines in order to achieve dual redundancy. If one computer should fail the other will automatically take over. Without a backup system, if the survey computer stops, so does the operation. Many competing systems do not have this feature at all. The client software can be installed on as many workstations as you like. Logged data can also be mirrored to two locations.

For barge management work each vessel runs its own independent server(s) (BSPEngine) and these communicate with over a wireless LAN link. As a backup to the wireless LAN, VHF radio modems may also be used to give longer range and coverage if the wireless link is obstructed.

Data can be visualised in both 2D and 3D and full 3D models for ships and subsea equipment are supported. Height map and point cloud data can be imported along with conventional 2D charts. All imported chart and terrain data (typically from multi-beam surveys) can be displayed in both 2D (in any suported map projection) and in 3D on the surface of the globe. Ships with VSAT or mobile 3g connectivity can be remotely monitored by you or your clients via our live web monitoring service.

Blue Spider is sold as a server license so you dont have to pay extra for each workstation. Because its a complete system in one package you wont have to pay for additional optional modules or features.