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An invitation to trial Blue Spider at no charge, risk or obligation.

Blue Spider is well proven in years for rig moves, ROV ops, multi Vessel ops, cable laying, barge work, construction, inspection, scientific research and as a rep’s independent QA system.

You’ve already seen the benefits, flexibility and capabilities of Blue Spider at Ocean Business, and now you can have up to 2 months to fully assess Blue Spider, our support and our customer commitment.

We’ll pre-set your Blue Spider to your provided vessel/subsea configuration.
(Potential mobilisation time and cost savings for you).

We offer free onsite training to all new contracted customers.

Blue Spider – thinking outside of the box

All you need to do is signup to create an account, if you havent done so already, then request an evaluation by completing a simple form. Contact us via chat or email for further information or to discuss your requirements with us.

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