Understanding Blue Spider License Activation

Details of the software activation process for all Blue Spider products.

All Blue Spider products use a software license activation process in order to allow all features to be used. Blue Spider products are leased or hired rather than being sold. The software activation works by generating a license request code which contains a unique fingerprint for your machine. This is used by our support team to generate an activation code which will is only able to be used on the machine which generated the original license request code.

Normally we will send you a PIN code to permit automatic or self-service activation. A PIN code is a 5 character code and is effectively a ticket with your name on it to allow 1 activation on the machine of your choice.

Before you can use Blue Spider you need to create a user account on our website. You can do this by signing up on our website to create your account. You can also sign up using the configuration asistant which appears after you have installed a Blue Spider product. We require you to have a user account as many services such as issuing you PIN codes can only be provided to those with an account. Your user account must be linked to a valid email address and we require that you validate your email account as part of the signup process. It is necessary for us to mitigate creation of user accounts on our site by malicious robots and other dubious attacks.

See also offline-activation

User account   Your user account on our website. Anyone can create an account using our sign-up page. There are no obligations imposed on anyone creating an account. You just need to have a valid email address and pick a unique user name.

PIN code   A ticket linked to your user account that permits a license activation to be carried out either automatically using the configuration assistant or by using self-service activation. We offer PIN codes for new evaluation users or for paid subscription users. You can get an evaluation PIN code by filling out our evaluation request form.

License request code   A request for an activation code for a specfic machine. For online activation using the configuration assistant this is generated automatically and is sent to our website along with your PIN code to receive and automatically apply the activation code. License request codes must be used within 7 days of issue or they expire.

Activation code   A code which, when correctly applied, unlocks the software features on that machine. It must match the original request code.