Offline Activation Guide

A step by step guide to offline activation for those with no internet connection.

To activate Blue Spider products offline you will need to choose the manual activation option in the configuration assistant. You will first need to have created your user account by signing up on the website and if you haven't done this already then you will have to get somebody to do this on your behalf.

Choosing the manual offline activation option allows you to generate a license request and save it as a small file. Its a text file so you can open it in a text editor and read it out to a colleague over the phone if necessary. The license request enables us to generate an activation code to send back to you. If you have a valid PIN code then you can generate the activation code yourself or get your less internet-challenged colleague to do so for you. If you dont have anyone to help but can send an email then send the license request file in an email to

If you are evaluating a Blue Spider product and would like a PIN code then you can request an evaluation here

If you already have a PIN code and have generated your license request then go to this page for self service activation:

When your activation code has been generated (either by us or by using the self service activation) you will receive an email containing the license response or activation code. Once you have this you can press Next and enter the code or load the response file. Following this the software will be activated and fully functional.

See also understanding-activation